Create and publish websites without a web developer using AECOM Environmental Engagement ─ an online, customizable and interactive platform centralizing Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) maps, technical data and environmental reports in one interactive interface.

Effectively engage with community and stakeholders by bringing project documents to life through an accessible online experience!



This solution is suitable for a wide range of projects including:

Environmental impact assessments and other statutory approval processes

Transport planning - master planning, concept and detailed design

Environmental management plans for design and construction of infrastructure

Resilience and climate adaptation planning​ and communication

Contaminated land investigations and remediation projects

Mine rehabilitation and closure plans and communication

Residential and commercial developments

Government initiatives including community and/or stakeholder engagement



Visually communicate map-based information and technical data with accompanying text that can be linked to the relevant area on the map or other media. 

Provides a simple editing function allowing users to enter, edit and format text and images with ease. 

Make it your own with customizable colors and branding to suit your organization or individual project

Provide your stakeholders with a consistent brand experience to increase the impact of your messaging. 

Receive specific feedback from the community or key project stakeholders through customizable feedback forms and sentiment measurement. Feedback can be provided to a consultation management solution as part of a broader consultation and engagement program.

Visualize your data changing over time. 

Communicate your project through interactive menu items that can be customized to your specific project requirements. 

Before and after sliders can be used to illustrate how a project will impact a particular location or site over time. Ideal for helping stakeholders visualize how changes will impact their viewpoint or location. 

Allows users to search for impacts to areas of interest such as their home, school or place of work. This will take stakeholder engagement to the next level and transform your existing PDF documents and plans into a more accessible and easier to navigate tool with interactive GIS maps. 


Integrate it with a Virtual Consultation Room, enabling virtual community consultation forums where stakeholders can access key project updates and environmental data. You do not need to put your community engagement on hold during social distancing restrictions!


Enhanced key stakeholder and community understanding of projects
More accessible data compared to static PDF and printed reports
Easily update project changes without a specialist web-developer
Provides a personalized stakeholder experience with information relevant to their interests
Continue meaningful engagement with stakeholders during social distancing restrictions
Hosts environmental or project data to facilitate regulatory approvals or transitioning to other phases of a project
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