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Digitally engage with your key stakeholders during your project environmental approvals, data collection or environmental reviews.


of Australians indicate it is important that government considers the views of the community when planning or investing in major infrastructure (Infrastructure Australia).


Improve information accessibility

Time and cost savings

Improve Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Seamlessly integrate with GIS


Reduce your long and complex Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to an easy to navigate, digital format. 

- Easily access relevant information

- Focus on an area of interest to you

- View and download the full PDF if needed

- More easily accessible for a variety of stakeholders.


Provide key information in an easily accessible way and improve stakeholder understanding. 

Environmental Engagement provides visual, geo-referenced and interactive content.

Inputs from all technical experts can be updated in real-time and linked to other maps and reports relevant to the project. 

One central location for photos, videos, animations, visualisations, virtual reality (VR) models and fly-throughs. 



Provides significant time and cost savings throughout the entire project lifecycle by providing timely information.
The decision-making process is also streamlined by strengthening transparency and communication. 


An excellent communication mechanism for community consultation. Information is provided in a visual and engaging online forum that can be updated with new information or reports as they become available. It provides an opportunity for the media and key government stakeholders to access up-to-date and accurate planning information for the project. This improves stakeholder engagement and allows accurate and relevant information to be shared as it becomes available. 


Environmental Engagement is fully integrated with geospatial information systems (GIS) mapping and data systems enabling accurate location mapping to key areas of interest and providing opportunities for locational sentiment analysis, resilience analysis and disaster recovery.